Crew Management System

Optimizing and reducing Administrative time & Cost

Orion’s Crew Management System helps you to optimize crew selection, deployment and results in reducing administrative time and cost, thus helping ship owners and ship operators to build a proactive community and thereby earn loyalty of seafarers. This proven cost-effective software tool enables seamless information sharing of vital crew data among all parties across the globe. It is easy to use and its intuitive layout ensures efficient and effective crew management processes. The system comes with several sophisticated search filters for the desired outputs. The staff can export customized model of crew lists depending on the purpose and requirement.

Candidate Briefing, Vessel Assignment & Travel

The fleet department can conduct, manage and maintain staff briefing records. The vessels can be assigned to the crew and officers through the system including the sign on and sign off process. The travel can be planned and maintained within the system for joining, signing off and transfers.


The best appraisal of a seaman’s ability comes on the job. A versatile point system enables the senior ranks to carry out a fair and swift appraisal. The form also includes comment area for the sea staff. The Master and Chief Engineer appraisals can be done by the shore staff. This provides the crew manager with objective information to base his decisions.

Seafarers Online Registration

An online application form is integrated within the system. This allows the user to track the latest crew applications, eliminating the hassle of storing emails and collecting documents.

Crew Work / Rest Hours

Rest Hours Manager is provided in line with the requirements of ILO and MLC. This removes the need for complicated spreadsheets and monitoring methods. A crew member is provided with dedicated logins to access and update their monthly records by simply clicking on the time that they start and stop work. The system automatically calculates the time for work, and whether they are complying with the work and rest hours rules that are currently in effect.

Three Tier Induction Process

The new entrants go through defined levels of approval cycle depending on the relevant departments.The fleet department may reject, hold or initiate the approval process after analysing applicant’s registration form & sea going experience.

Crew, Officers and PPE Planner

The system bears a smart matrix interface for the shore staff to view the forthcoming requirements for the timely planning and readiness of the sea staff and the personal gear. This also helps in maintaining the details of the procurement’s towards the personal protective gear issued during a period.

Documents and Medical Records

The sea staff certificates and other document details including the medical records & history can be maintained and tracked within the system to ensure that all valid documents are available.

Crew Accounts and Wages

The system allows the accounts department to assign the crew wages, maintain monthly account sheet with remittance details of wages. Predefined templates are available for account of wages and calculation. Allotments and other entries can be made directly onto the system to generate reports.


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