Eliminate paper based documents

Orion Marine Concepts Electronic Document Manager ensures a smooth business environment. This module functions as a critical and environment friendly asset for every organization eliminating paper based documents which impede traceability and tracking.

User Friendly

Presenting users with E-documents in a similar appearance to their paper-based predecessor eases the transition to the electronic document process and improves the quality of information collected.

Improve Accuracy and Productivity

E-DMS improves productivity as the staff can access documents, forms and information faster with improved accuracy using the E-DMS optimized search feature. With reduced human involvement, there are less chances of oversight, thus making the system reliable & accurate.

Structured Approach

The interface has a practical approach towards company’s complete documentation managed on a simple and user friendly platform. The company policy and other useful information are easily available at the click of a button. With E-DMS you can transform the entire safety management system including forms, checklists, fleet circulars and information sharing within your organization into electronic format. The system allows the users to effortlessly perform all the tasks − beginning from the elementary operations like information retrieval and document search to sophisticated functions like document revisions, version control, circular and information sharing and management etc.


The dashboard has up to date information regarding the fleet circulars, fleet alerts, document revisions and updated forms and checklists readily available to the users for convenience.

Eases Compliance Concerns

As the regulatory and compliance landscape continue to evolve, the number of requirements imposed on managers grow every day. The E-DMS makes it easy to satisfy the document requests from the regulators and auditors. The system comes with an inbuilt smart and optimum search engine which allows the user to search keywords on primary and secondary level search.

Version Control & Streamlined Workflow

The system comes with its own version control feature for the users to track changes made anywhere within the Company documentation. The revisions are published post hierarchical approval process of review and approval. The routing of email is conducted automatically as per the emails set up by the system administrator.

Controlled Access and Permission

The system allows the administrator to set the desired access and permission control for the users.

Familiarization Feature

The system bears a Familiarization section through which the staff can be familiarized with the Company manuals and documentation within the system through their assigned logins and details along with the time spent or sections accessed are maintained as a log on the system forms which are readily available for QHSSE, Fleet or other departments to track.


The revisions and updates transmitted through the system carry only the updated information instead of full sections and manuals, thus optimizing the size of information exchange between the ship and shore within few kilobytes.

Network Ready

The shore system remains on cloud for the users to access from anywhere on their computer or mobile device. Onboard ships, the system is installed on the server or communication PC and is accessible throughout the vessel’s network computers on the web browser.


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