Fleet Performance & Energy Efficiency

Powerful Tool for Performance Monitoring to comprehensive decision support systems

Orion’s Fleet performance and energy efficiency software aims to save resources by utilizing information technology. Reliable on-board data collection, decision support for the crew, reporting to the officers and ship-to-shore data communication are key features of our software. With more than three decades of practical experience alongside many years of research and development, we offer solutions for ships that fully meet the needs and expectations of our users. Orion’s performance system is a powerful tool for performance monitoring to comprehensive decision support systems which handle reporting, monitoring and analytics.

Key Benefits

  • Optimising speed and bunker consumptions
  • Cost Savings and Quantifying Performance to Dollar & Cents
  • Voyage Optimization
  • Hull and Propeller Performance
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Complete Operational Overview
  • Reliable and Clear Reporting
  • Traceability and Transparency
  • Reports and Analytics


Fuel Consumption and Emissions

The system provides up-to-date information on fuel consumption and emissions enabling shore management to keep track of bunkers used and the ship’s ecological footprint.

Powerful Onshore Reporting and Analytics

Fleet performance analytics provide clear, informative reports for tracking trends, comparing ships and identifying opportunities to save energy. The Online Analytics enables users to track performance and measured values for the whole fleet in near real time and analyse months/years of data to detect precise opportunities for improvement.

Voyage Optimization

Planning and executing energy efficient voyages are key factors in improving the performance of the ships and fleet. Fully realizing the potential benefits requires cooperation between officers on board the ship and shore-based managers who are responsible for monitoring many important parameters affecting the voyage performance. Fleet performance system provides is a powerful system that enable crews and onshore personnel to collaboratively optimize voyage performance.

Data and Analytics

The reliable collection of accurate and detailed performance data is the foundation for improving a ship’s fuel performance. Trustworthy data is essential to determine the current operating status and to confirm that the progress is really being made in improving the vessel performance. Performance management systems allows users to input the information with the necessary plausibility checks to gather comprehensive and reliable operational data that forms the foundation for analyzing and improving ship’s performance.

Better Collaboration between Ship and Shore

Onboard solutions together with Online offer a collaborative approach to voyage planning focused on optimizing fuel consumption. Voyages can effectively connect the owner, manager and chartering department with the crew operating the ship, and thus ensure that voyages are executed according to plan and that opportunities for reducing voyage fuel cost are fully exploited.

Voyage Tracking and Evaluation Online

The shore system on cloud provides tracking of voyage progress, past history and voyage summaries for evaluating voyage performance and identifying opportunities for improvements in subsequent voyages.

Propulsion Optimization

Reducing the amount of energy, the ship wastes as it moves through the water can lead to considerable fuel savings. Minimizing hull resistance while maximizing the utilization of fuel in the propulsion plant can result in significant improvements in a ship’s efficiency and performance. This system provides decision support and awareness for the technical managers ashore, enabling them to realize the potential for improved performance.


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