Efficient, Handy & Adaptable Barcoded Inventory Control

O-Invent is a distinguished inventory management device. It features a barcode scanner along with a section to manage the inventory. The application is designed to work with Orion’s software suite or any inventory management suite which can provide the inventory output in an excel format. This device can import from excel and then allows users to work and reverse synchronize to the inventory master database through its own excel output.

Features of O-Invent

The users can create barcodes for the new items, print and attach them to the items. It uses the device camera to scan the barcodes, lookup the item within the database, and points to the inventory item for users to update the reserve on-board quantity (ROB).

Inventory Management & Control:

To work on both the spares and stores onboard the vessels. Barcodes can be assigned to each item inline with companies existing item codes, parent groups, locations etc.

Mobility and Identification:

The mobile device allows the user to view and update the inventory by their groups and/or store locations. The items can be identified simply by scanning the bar code stickers to update their ROB.


The inventory files can be viewed and searched by the defined filters, such as; by items, by groups, text search, numeric search, etc.

Device Communication:

Based on the receiving PC capability, this device can communicate through USB port or WIFI.

Benefits of O-Invent

  • Ready to Use: The device is ready to use and is delivered with the complete configuration. The users can directly start using by connecting it to the Main inventory system.
  • Accuracy: Since entries can be made on the spot, it reduces the error probability.
  • Barcodes: Improve data accuracy by eliminating the need to enter codes manually.
  • Convenience: The handheld device frees the onboard staff from being shackled to a computer and allows them to make entries during their daily rounds.
  • Flexibility: Provide flexibility for the capacities of different devices.
  • Capability: This device is more than just another barcode scanner, it is highly customizable by virtue of its versatility.
  • Adaptability: This device has numerous powerful configuration options, and can be adapted for almost every situation.
  • Ease of Use: The simplified interface reduces typing, enhances options and provides swift access to data.
  • Data Integrity: It provides the assurance that your data is uploaded correctly to the database.


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