Purchase, Procurement & Maintenance

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A class approved system for managing planned, unplanned, condition and counter based maintenance with a user-friendly interface making it swift and practical for the operators.


“The Planned maintenance system is easy workload distribution system which is a powerful reporting tool and provides updated overviews on-board vessel.


It allows ship owners or operators to carry out the maintenance in intervals according to class/classification society. The module meets the entire requirement listed in ISM & the database includes all ship board vital equipment with clearly defined maintenance plan.”

Structured Approach

  • Manage maintenance plan and periodic inspections from vessel or shore office.
  • Easy updating equipment counters and running hours.
  • Preview the statistics of the work done and work overdue.
  • Database modifications may be carried out at the shore office and synchonized with the vessels database using a sophisticated inbuilt synchronizer.
  • Maintenance by calendar frequency and counter based intervals.
  • Maintenance plan, with both short and long term options.
  • Class survey, providing control of class jobs and certificates.
  • Equipment work history.
  • Reporting and filtering to give an overview of critical equipment and jobs.
  • Visible presentation of overdue jobs.
  • Multiple checkpoint options (checkbox, value, free text) to allow complete tracking of maintenance jobs and sub-task registration.
  • Simplified signing process of related jobs with applicable checkpoints.
  • Position tracking and status records for circulating components.
  • Strong search and sort capabilities.
  • Filtering and reporting with the option of exporting to different formats.

Ease of Use & Flexibility

This system has an organised approach to record and review shipboard equipment maintenance related data. This includes signing of job status with simplified management of check points and associated jobs. The modular approach ensures that system solutions can be tailored to the requirements of different vessel type.

Cost Effective Maintenance Management

The system is a complete tool for keeping control of the vessel’s maintenance, both planned and unplanned. It avoids any interruption and oversight of work by covering all of the work and makes a clear demarcation between onboard and shore maintenance work.

Addon Features

Vessel Certification: Contains vessel certificates with their detailed description like place of issue, validity & data of issue etc.

PMS Permission: The system prioritizes the security aspects, it contains a Permission tab which can control or limit the user access.

Tracking Ship Status: Provides review for overdue items & overdue critical with time stamp.

Purchase, Procurement & Inventory

Orion Enterprise offers visibility across various internal and external supply chain processes on a single platform. The objective is to build a process that focuses on maximizing value to the ultimate customer. The system provides automated requisition and procurement process allowing customers to move projects forward, enhance communications, gain real-time visibility and control, and deliver strong ROI across the complete organisation. The system can function as a standalone solution, or as a seamless out-of-the-box for real-time integration with other platforms.


The system comes with a simplified tracking and traceability for the users to access and check the complete process at any time. The IMPA catalog is included in the system to enable users select and standardize their inventory management and procurement process. The system is designed with the aim to avoid delays encountered in paper-based, Excel, e-mail requisition and approval process.

Centralized Invoice Matching

Ensure correct receipt and billing of items ordered with true centralized AP Invoice Processing across your entire organization.

Optimised Search & Export Functionality

  • Filter easy access to the history of the work done by defining search.
  • Strong search and sort capabilities.
  • Filtering, with individual definition of filters.
  • Mail functionality to change the status from pending to approved.
  • Filtering and reporting with the option of exporting to different formats.

Advanced Budgeting Engine

Establish and enforce any corporate budget throughout the entire requisition and procurement process. Manage the Company budget and their codes through the system to connect them to the requisitions and purchase orders to encapsulate the cash flow.

Inventory & Materials Management

Manage the latest inventory of vessel/s stores or spares and gain full visibility and control costs with a tightly integrated inventory-to-requisition/purchase system. Manage critical equipment inventory for their quantity, ROB and location with confidence and ease.

Powerful Receiving Capabilities

The vessel systems are updated with the status and the stages of the requisitions in order to keep the staff informed regarding their requested stores and spares. The items received onboard can be entered directly on the ship system.


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