Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Orion’s Marine QHSSE module is a “Best Practice” Software solution developed with a pragmatic approach for the ease of staff. It is designed to maintain all data pertaining to the Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment. The system enables the users to make informed decisions to meet and comply with ISM, ISO, TMSA, EMS and OHSAS requirements and analyze the events arising from occurrences that distress safety and quality of operations on board of ships and shore. The system encompasses important functions related to the company’s QHSSE operations; Risk Assessments, Safety Committee Meetings, Master’s Review, Incident Reporting and Permit to Work System.


  • Immense flexibility ensures that the system can be tailored as per the company requirements.
  • Monitor risk levels and work permits to improve safety.
  • Reduces risk of accidents or loss, near-accidents, and non-conformities found in sub-standard conditions and practices.
  • Communicates secure and reliable information between ship and shore.
  • Enables users to determine the areas in which operational controls can be implemented or improved for reducing risks related to the operational safety and security onboard the vessels.
  • Powerful reporting tool for users to enhance the safety culture across the entire organization while improving the safety, quality, security, property, environment and commercial services.

Risk Assessment
The Risk Assessment module is a straightforward approach to quantitative and qualitative risk assessment that guides the assessor through the risk assessment process, building a company-wide risk library available to the entire workforce. Risk assessment templates allow standard assessments to be carried out across the organization’s operations. Automatic review date reminder and version control provide all the key legal requirements for effective risk management. Fleetwide sharing is available at the hands of the QHSSE managers. Key Features of Risk Assessment are:-

  • Best practice templates for people, task, environmental and process-based risk assessments.
  • User-definable Hazard and Control tree.
  • Risk Assessment template.
  • Risk register to identify the most popular hazards e.g. top 5, top 10.
  • Ability to clone Risk Assessments and update Risk Assessment.
  • Configurable pre and post control Risk ratings.
  • Risk Assessment review dates based on severity rating.

Safety Committee Meetings

Company form is converted into electronic form for the ship staff to effortlessly record the minutes of safety meetings after an incident or as per company defined timeline. The system is integrated with the feature for the ship and shore to exchange comments with each other and therefore maintain an audit trail and traceability of the reports. The reports are always available and easily retrievable from the system at any time. The version control is available on the shore side for the form to be custom developed as per the company form.

Near Miss, Incident, Accident Report & Analysis

The system allows users to report, manage and investigate near miss, incidents & accidents at all organizational levels. It allows companies to manage incidents using user-friendly data capture screens, structured workflow processes, integrated action tracking/notifications/escalation and comprehensive reporting and analytics. By capturing incidents at all levels of the organization in real-time, the software highlights trends and route causes that will enable the company to drive behavioral and cultural change. Key Features are:-

  • Record and manage any incident, accident and near miss.
  • Identify underlying root causes.
  • Notify and escalate incidents to the appropriate management level based on severity.
  • Implement and manage Corrective and Preventive Action tracking (CAPA).
  • Search for similar events to establish patterns and underlying causes.
  • Track leading and lagging indicators through reporting, dashboard and analytics tools.
  • View real-time performance summaries at all levels of the organization hierarchy.
  • Develop a knowledge base for shared learning.
Master’s System Review

The Master’s system review on board ships can be carried out through this system on the customized company’s form. The form data and Master’s suggestions are transmitted to the shore system. The shore managers can review and respond through the system. The shore managers can easily refer to the Master’s system review and create a database of all the reviews from various Masters and prepare for the revisions and implementations in a structured manner.

Vessel Certificate Management

Manage all mandatory and statutory vessel certificates from ship and shore. The vessel can keep up to date records for the issue and expiry of certificates. The system generates a consolidated email with the latest certificate status for all vessels with colour codes indicating forthcoming certificate expiries as per the user settings. This enables managers to keep a track and plan well in advance to never miss a certificate renewal.

Work Permits

This section ensures that the necessary precautions are put in place to carry out a task and that competent person is authorized to carry out specific work within a specified time frame. The system ensures that these protocols are followed & implemented. Key features are:-

  • Create job-specific permit templates e.g. hot work, working aloft, confined spaces
  • Attach documents such as method statements and risk assessments
  • Create both paper and electronic copies of permits
  • Track induction through to completion
  • Issue an unlimited number and type of permits system generated e-mail notifications.
  • Track permits issued and in operation across the organization through on-screen views and reports.
Defect Reporting

An electronic running defect Form is a part of the system which results in having a ready and traceable defect status for all the vessels to track, plan for rectifications, monitor progress and close out the defects online.


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